IPSE Awards 2019 Highltights

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  • Bree Kotomah
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Catch the highlights from our IPSE Awards 2019. Celebrating the diversity, talent and social impact across all industries within the vibrant world of freelancing has never been more memorable.

Freelancers are the unsung heroes of the UK economy. That's why every year, we organise the IPSE Awards to celebrate their hard work and recognise the success of the best and brightest among them as well as the organisations that support them.
This year's award categories were:

Freelancer of the Year, celebrating the innovation and excellence of freelancers in the UK: winner, Rachel Mason, a musical director and songwriter from Somerset; runner up, Colin Stuart, an author, astronomy expert and science enthusiast.
Finalists were, Loksan Harley, policy analyst, project manager and researcher; Kate Taylor, Writer & Sex Expert; Elise Ciampaglia, Florist; Alexandra Hardwick, Graphic Design.

Young Freelancer of the Year, celebrating the most talented self-employed people aged 23 and under: winner, Bree Kotomah, a fashion designer from London. Bree is self-taught and fuses her Ghanaian heritage with western styles. Highly commended, Elliot Reeves-Giblin, an actor from Liverpool who created a theatre company to encourage working-class children into the theatre.
Finalists were, Liam Charmer, Tech Innovator; Shaunnah Sinead Crosbie, Costume Designer.
Ambassador of the Year, celebrating membership organisations, support groups, knowledge hubs and individuals who support and represent the flexible labour market: winner, Freelance Heroes, a community that provides peer-to-peer support for freelancers.

New to Freelancing, celebrating professionals who have successfully become self-employed in the past two years: winner, Adam Pearson, a research consultant from Lancashire.
Finalists were, Sean Muntaner, Industrial and Graphic Designer; Salma Haidrani, Journalist; Tina Touli, Creative Graphic Communication Designer.

Freelance Project of the Year, winner, Olivier Jamin, deaf artist based in Birmingham. Olivier has been involved in a number of public engagement artworks, as well as encouraging new deaf artists.
Finalists were, Duncan Cowles, Filmmaker; Marina Gask, journalist, blogger and copywriter;
Inna Lazareva, Journalist.
Co-working space of the Year, winner, Duke Studios, Leeds. Runner up, Incubyte, Cambridge. Highly commended, Devon Business and Education Centre, Devon.
University Partner of the Year, winner, Goldsmiths, University of London. Runner up, Birkbeck, University of London.