Ipswich Town FC

Ipswich Town is a football club with a huge fan base. They recently had their main website updated to better reflect the club. The shop, however, which was run on a different system was well behind the times. The new shop design had to be consistent with the main site whilst maintaning the best UI and UX design decisions for ecommerce over brochure. 


I wanted to design a seamless and easy to use purchasing journey fur users. Part of the design approach was to make it easy as possible for users to update and change their products without being taken out of their journey. I also wanted to make it clear to users where they were stage-wise in the process and always surface the relevant information for purchase e.g. the total and individual costs. 
A new and exciting feature of the shop was the capability of greater customisation of products. It gave the opportunity to create a simple, eye catching and aesthetically pleasing Kit builder component on the homepage. 


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