IS!DORA / Mantova, Italia

"Nobody is normal up close" The name: ISIDORA is the ideal city of which Italo Calvino narrates, the city of utopia where everything is possible, even the normality of differences. Our understanding, what we are inspired by, is the idea that is summarized in the concept that "nobody is normal up close". Our initiative wants to remember the projects and ideas of the great friend and master Mario Tommasini who, first in his Parma and then in the Emilia Region, was able to inaugurate the season of a social capable of making culture, capable of changing for the better the life of the weaker and with them than the whole of society, make it an example of authentic wealth, curiosity, realization of the simple perfection of human relationships supported by a social guarantee. Diversity is a right and inequality a crime: it is not a slogan but the idea of ​​the ideal city that becomes real and becomes a shared and rooted common concept.

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