Isi & Ossi / NETFLIX ComRom

A "rated young" movie.

Isi & Ossi is a contemporary ComRom for young adults produced by Netflix. The campaign for this movie, spoke directly to the young audience, with a focus on making the older audience curious.
A strategy that helped us reflect the struggles of being young and the conflict between generations.
Key visual
Ok Bommer trailer
For the pre-release, we added special subtitles to the original trailer dramatizing the fact that the youngster's language used in the film might not be understandable by older people.
Certain tones and frequencies can only be heard by younger people. We used this fact to create a large scale audio test/installation in one of the busiest stations of Berlin, Hauptbahnhof, to age-test people and help them find out if this film is for them or not.
Once they are done with the test, a trailer plays on the digital screen, depending on their result. Trailer one "for RATED YOUNG", trailer two "for RATED OLD".
The main characters of the movie came to try our age test.
Insta age test
We decided to take the test digital, so more people could experience it.
If the user can hear the frequency they go straight to the rated young trailer; If they can't hear anything, they go straight to the rated old trailer.
OOH memes
We developed a collection of memes based on the film to promote it on digital OOH. A wider collection was used on SoMe.
Copywriter: Manuela Rondon
Art Director: Vitor Soneghet
Senior Art Director: Gustavo Sato
Creative Director: Alexander Stauss
Creative Director: Justin Pettit
German Copywriter: Julia Wiesbeck
Content Creator: Aron Mccammon
Digital Strategist: Livia Von der Heide

Year: 2020
Client: Netflix
Agency: Heimat Active GmbH
Location: Berlin, Germany