#IssWieDuBist - Crowd Farming

  • Hannah Cunningham

BRIEF Launching a new brand in a new country is always tough, but add in the fact we had 22 days from concept sign off to the first asset supply date, it was no easy feat. We were tasked to launch Crowd Farming to the German audience - with a focus on shifting the seasonal Avocado and Orange produce the farms had whilst the campaign was live. We had a full 360 campaign to create; 30’ TV spot, static and moving OOH, and static and moving social media assets.

The campaign concept combined humour to create the #IssWieDuBist (You are what you eat) campaign, encouraging shoppers to buy smart and sustainable, whilst drawing on comparisons between human and fruity behaviour.

Our four key words - Natural, Fearless, Combative and Direct - were the adjectives that correlated to both the produce and the audience we were appealing to.

The TV spot uses charming moments and playful visual comparisons between man and fruit, in a split screen ad that follows the journey of the produce from seed to the consumers hands.
Leading the team creatively, I worked at the lead Art Director on the project - working across initial concepts & refinement, then taking the lead on bringing the film and campaign to life - alongside my Director Ale Ruiz-Zorilla - creatively producing and finally designing & art working all the final print and DOOH assets.

It’s easy to say that my hands touched every asset of the campaign.

In this project I had to excel in a leadership position, due to the lack of experience for the client (being a start up). I always greeting them with patience and guided them through each part of the project’s process both professionally and compassionately. Something which I thoroughly enjoyed. My previous experience in creative production proved invaluable in this campaign too, as I was fast to react to changes in pre-production, on set and in post - meaning we met our 22 day deadline and launched on time.