ISTD 2021 - Invisible Cities

  • Erica Ciuffreda

Awarded Merit and ISTD membership The book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino is exemplary in dealing with the concepts of visible and invisible, explored in the structure of language, in the meaning of words, in the construction of cities. My edition of the book presents itself as an exploration of five cities (Valdrada, Zemrude, Baucis, Phyllis and Moriana) through the lenses of memory. Every strong sensation perceived by our senses is impressed in our memory with a certain level of precision and intensity and, thanks to those senses, we are able to recall memories of places and cities we travelled to. Our memory isn't always precise, therefore sometimes memories and feelings mix, creating new images in our mind. The aim of my publication is to present the five cities mentioned before, focusing on the memories left to the traveler, analysing a range of different audible and visible impressions. Each city is presented through four different perspectives, each one associated with a specific sensation experienced. To visually represent the feeling of memories fading away as well as to emphasise the visible and invisible in the text, the publication uses an alternation between tracing paper and non-transparent paper.