• Yves Marty
  • Gianluca Trezzini
  • Alix Zoe Gerber

Environmentally friendly, simple, and dynamic - these are the words used by Industriellen Werke Basel (IWB) to promote its wide range of e-mobility services. To further promote sustainable mobility and raise awareness about IWB's progressive activities in this area, we launched a progressive video campaign. Using fast cuts, interesting faces, and lively sound design, the image film - in keeping with the spirit of the times - aims above all to pick up a forward-looking target group and invite them to become "part of the change" - the change towards a globally sustainable future.

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Persönlich: Marty Trezzini - Ein Zeichen für den Wandel zur E-Mobiliät
Horizont: IWB - Aufforderung zum Umstieg aufs E-Auto
Client: Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB)
Concept & Production: MARTY/TREZZINI
Camera: Nino Michel
Head Lighting: Raphael Schulze-Schilddorf
1st AC: Till Fischer
Make-up: Laura Vuille
Media: Online, Social, POS