Jack Daniel's

  • John & Stu

Single Barrel Campaign The brief was to communicate the benefits of buying your own barrel of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel to high-end bar owners in the UK. This is a notoriously tough crowd to impress. What’s different about Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel? As its name suggests, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is the product of a single barrel with no blending, mixing or altering in any way. This means every single barrel is subtly different to, well, every other single barrel. Add to this the fact that the product is made entirely by hand and it’s easy to see it’s a high quality product. Taking these product truths we built in messaging that positioned Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel as ‘no two barrels are the same’ – meaning it’s as individual as you are. This then meant that the product could be sold on the premises as being unique anywhere in the world. This is gold dust for bar owners. A sample of the product was included in the pack to literally whet the audience’s pallet for a sampling evening where they could purchase a unique barrel for their establishment, which they duly did, in droves.