Jaguar Land Rover ADAS Technologies

  • Hannah Lee
  • Alejandro Romero
  • Lauren Smith
Interactive Installation, Game commissioned on behalf of working on the UI of the JLR Advanced Driver Assistance System Game
Advanced Driver Assistance System technology helps to keep motorists and other road users safe by using smart sensors to detect hazards. Koffeecup built a simulator of each of the key ADAS features, wrapping them into an interactive game.
My role as UI designer was to work along side the illustrator and 3D artists creating a smooth, simple and seamless journey for the end user.
Consumers and car journalists at the Frankfurt Auto Show helped our lead character navigate to the destination whilst avoiding a combination of urban and extra-urban hazards.
Each scenario focused on a different feature of the ADAS capability, from blind spot assistance, high speed emergency braking, lane keep assist


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