Jameson Caskmates IPA - Official Italian Launch

  • Antonia Conte

CASK-MATES GOES INTERNATIONAL: From a casual invitation on the bus to Midleton, to a rich Bond-and-Connect experience with our LADS.‘ WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED?

As brand ambassadors, we know that bartenders are crucial advocates. We build friendships with them, sláinte with them, learn from them, and share the Jameson love with them. And on top of that, when they embrace the brand and its spirit, we want them to live the full Jameson experience in the best possible way. After JBH 2019 we returned home enriched by the energy, ideas, and motivation we had found at the Homecoming, but mostly enriched by the new friends we had made. Having brought some of the best bartenders from Italy, Spain and Slovakia to Dublin, we were delighted to see how they truly connected with each other, making plans and promises to see each other again. Months later, they´ve kept in touch and so have we. With the LADS keen for a reunion in order to deepen their friendships and strengthen their industry connections, we feel privileged that Jameson is what brought them together. One of the bartenders had talked about one of Europe’s most important bartending events of the year, the Roma Bar Show. It sounded to us like the perfect opportunity to bring the bartenders together again. But beyond a strong Jameson presence at the Roma Bar Show, and two special guest shifts at some of Rome’s coolest bars, there is a story about a new ‘Mate’ coming to the countries that we want to tell with a wink and a smile. In the coming months, both Italy and Spain are finally launching Jameson Caskmates IPA. So we thought, in addition to documenting the experience of the Roma Bar Show and the guest shifts, why not use this opportunity to create unique, locally relevant content for to support the launch in each country? So yes, this has really happened! Thanks to JBH 2019, our bartenders from Spain, Italy and Slovakia met up again in Rome on the 22nd September 2019. Full story in the video