Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day

  • Nicola Wilson

Digital Project Manager - Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day 2015 Managing a data driven production to create positive social change, with both high profile talent and contributors new to media. A global political multi-platform campaign with change.org. Ed Sheeran and other artists recorded a campaign Song. Planning and project management of the awards. Managed campaign website. 8238 schools involved worldwide. Day of events globally. 1,613 Ambassadors in 104 countries. 73M Facebook reach. · Planned and executed promotional campaign alongside online video content. · Implemented customer segmentation strategies to increase engagement in key markets. · Worked closely with internal teams and across multiple functional areas including strategy, publishing, social, tech, charity, food and other marketing channels, to revolutionise the presence of the global campaign. · Optimised campaign content, messages and navigation through frequent testing and data analysis - documenting the results and sharing best practices. · Identified opportunities for content efficiency and working cross-functionally · Managed strategy, implementation and optimisation of strategic partnerships with broadcast, production, education and food industry representatives. · Collaborated with partners to develop innovative and high impact partnerships and drove operational management – acted as the internal advocate for partners, with product teams. · Worked with relevant internal teams to ensure partner input was considered in relevant production and policy decisions. · Tracked, analysed and communicated metrics and trends as they related to partners.