JBL X Google - Fright Club

  • Izzy Kertland
  • Karam Moore
Project produced at UNIT9.
UNIT9 partnered with JBL and Google Assistant to create voice-activated Halloween hell in Shoreditch 'Fright Club'
Taking place at Shoreditch Town Hall’s ‘The Ditch’ basement on Halloween, the ‘Fright Club’ experience invited guests and influencers to an underground labyrinth of macabre and delight that seamlessly showcased JBL’s voice-activated Link range featuring the Google Assistant.
Guests were led through a maze of immersive landscapes having to complete the Google Assistant interactions in each space, to escape audio torture chambers, psychotic twins, and rooms of body bags. If the guests survived these experiences, they eventually found themselves in a gory party interspersed with performance artists like fortune-tellers, dominatrix, ghouls and contortionist


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