JD Sports x The North Face Never Stop

  • Livvy Moore

The Brief Even at the world’s most locked down, getting outdoors was never cancelled. JD were looking for a way to encourage the JD consumer to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. We were challenged to position The North Face as an outdoor leader within the JD consumer group and start to make the “outside” accessible to all, whilst driving conversion and consumer engagement. The Project After identifying the right relatable and recognisable faces to lead our campaign, we took the five of them on a journey of exploration in the outdoors. Each of them shared personal insights on how to engage with nature, and how they take their own inspiration from it. We created a branded teaser to kick off the project, in line with TNF’s global brand content, and followed up with individual stories that linked to swipe-ups, to drive conversion. We created a unique “Never Stop” AR Filter to drive engagement, and worked with a selection of supporting talent to make the message of outdoor appeal radiate even further.