• Poppy Jamieson

Out of Office GIFs celebrating various holidays, events, festivals...

What was/is #JellyOOO?
I asked a handful of artists whilst working at animation production company and illustration agency Jelly to create a set of tailor-made out of office sign offs in the form of GIFs. From the infamous ad industry event Cannes to a spontaneous beach trip, from Glastonbury to the obligatory summer sickie.

Users could use and share these GIFs and stickers across their social, insta stories as well as Whatsapp, simply by typing #JellyOOO in the search functionality of GIPHY.

The Results
Uploaded artwork on GIPHY saw:
Highest post: 58,141,483 views
Second highest: 57,066,908 Views
Third highest: 35,045,270 Views

It also saw a huge amount of people in the industry use these GIFs as their OOO responders.