Jessie Cutts - Textile Artist, Ramsgate, UK

  • Ellen Christina Hancock

“I always fall in love with old, broken-down things that need a lot of work,” Jessie Cutts, founder of slow-stitch textiles company Cutts & Sons, tells us. However, when she and her family moved from their three-bed house in London into a decaying Georgian terrace on the Kent coast, she unexpectedly found herself less than smitten with their new home: “The kitchen and dining room were initially okay, but the further you went up the five floors, the more derelict and terrible it became”, she says. Jessie and her husband embarked on a top-to-bottom renovation of the house, candidly documenting each step of the process on a now-popular Instagram account, @townley_terrace – named after the building’s original architect, Mary Townley.” Editorial Photography for Inigo