Jet Wash Culture

  • Verity Grace

A designed visual system for a series of digital and print based promotional pieces that are announcing a short season of events at the V&A. The events aim to explore the ‘image of music’ and interrogate visual languages and design methodology of music,musicians and bands from four specific decades. The events aim to create a critical discourse by reviewing the aesthetic and social effects that these periods have had on society, attitudes, fashion and creative thought. Each event will combine presentations, live performance and virtual interactive experiences where people will also be able to have experiences from previously lost, unarchived or forgotten eras. For example, a viewer will be able to see and feel what it was like to be in the crowd when the Sex Pistols played the 100 clubs​ in 1976! ​ The identity plays on the thoughts. feelings and senses we feel when experiencing live music. The deliverables were 4 A1 posters, a series of digital assets across media and DEP Underground Screens, A project Book and a Guideline book on using the identity.