JLGB rebrand

  • Rebecca Matthews

JLGB are a Jewish youth organisation, who, for the past 125 years, have offered a range of programmes to young people across the UK. Their current programmes include weekly groups (for ages 8-18), youth camps as well as a volunteering awards scheme. Whilst their heritage meant they were well known, they did not have an established visual brand and had identified some confusion amongst their audience about what their organisation was offering. Our task was to rethink the way the organisation was presented, both visually and in terms of hierarchy and create a strong and engaging brand identity. Alongside a complete redesign and restructure of their website, we were asked to create a new digital portal for their staff so that group leaders could connect, plan their weekly sessions, plan activities and events, etc. We named this product Fuel as it was the powerhouse behind the whole operation, bringing together their network of staff and volunteers across the country. A main feature of this was the programme builder which allowed leaders to create ‘lesson plans’ for their weekly groups which could then be shared amongst other leaders nationwide.