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Jocks & Nerds was a cultural, lifestlye magazine for men. Founded in 2011, the idea was to create a magazine that focused on fashion, music, cinema, the arts, sport and leisure and travel.
Aimed at a discerning audience, the thrust of the magazine was the notion that culture is formed out in the real world by real people - not by marketeers, self-intersted industries and cookie-cutter celebrities. It acted as a foil to the anodyne media landscape that has seeped into print publishing and beyond today.
Tagged "Style. History. Culture", the magazine's editorial drive was research and develop through historical relevance and cultural intrigue, always with nod to individual style.
This desire to create something engaging and honest for the readership led to many key decisions regarding the presentation in the magazine from the use of fonts, a documentary style of photography and a frank and coloquial style of writing.
Fundamentally the magazine was a celebration of a certain type of character - ambitious, creative, inquistive, independent, hardy - and the magazine focused on those people, famous or otherwise, who we felt expressed those values.


Marcus Agerman Ross

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