John Frieda Masterbrand and Social Content

  • Stephanie Martin

30 years ago, the John Frieda brand was created with a core range of products designed just for specific hair types. Frizz Ease for out-of-control curls, Sheer Blonde to brighten dull, and Luxurious Volume to turn fine hair into big, bouncy blow dries. So when, in 2018, we globally repositioned the brand, it was key to differentiate them from their key competitor’s by taking them back to what John Frieda, (and only John Frieda) can truly stand for; the transformation of challenging hair types. By moving away from the classic hair advertising world of unbelievable, unattainable and unrealistic clichés of beauty, we took a stripped back, honest approach to showcase the power of each product to transform the demanding hair of women everywhere. We extended the global TVC campaign through the line to press, DOOH, in store and social platforms, which gave this global brand a rich and versatile toolkit of assets to be used in every key market.


With the new advert and brand repositioning live, we took to the social world - giving John Frieda a completely new look and feel in their digital space. I developed visual consistency within the feed, as well as producing 'thumb-stopping' creative product posts that fit into the native space perfectly as beautiful mini-ads in their own. We paired this alongside influencer content, brand partnerships and competitions to grow John Frieda's social audience 5k within the first few months. I then studied at the London School of Photography in Product Photography to enhance my skills to the next level and ensure constant quality.