Johnie Walker ArtWalk

  • Evgenia Chuvardina

I am happy to introduce my collaboration with Johnnie Walker and Viva con Agua Arts It’s great to be a part of this Johnnie Walker ArtWalk project. Animated art is shown on 91 billboards in Hamburg from 14th to 30th of June. Johnie Walker & Viva con Aqua Arts present art exhibition with five artists Lerke Nennenmann, Melanie Gandyra, Anbelle von Georg, Danika Arndt and myself on the streets of Hamburg. When the most of the cultural live is on pause, it is a great opportunity for artists to show their artworks to this huge audience. An important goal of this project is to think about high relevant topics, like an environment protection or a health care, as well as to support artists and provide access to drink water for all people.