Johnson’s Baby realized it was time for a rebrand and we were here for it! On a mission, our new tone and visual identity would be conveyed throughout the entire consumer journey: from broadcast spots, partner collabs, and e-Comm presence to social content, digital videos, and a new master website. One of the biggest goals during this rebrand was to create helpful and relevant content for their consumers. Everything baby can sometimes seem a little overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. This digital series included 8 videos, 4 for the US and 4 for our global markets, all reflecting the 4 main stages of child care. We also maximized our shoot by capturing motion and stills, with the goal in mind of creating a new content library which would fulfill all the creative needs throughout this robust rebrand. Shot with real families and attention to detail, anyone can watch these relatable and inspirational how-to videos to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to care for their little ones. We shot in London for about 4 weeks. Creative Role / Creative Director, Director, Creative + Art Direction, Concept, PrePro + Post, Design, UX + UI + IA


Gentle, loving touch during bath time supports baby’s happy, healthy development.


Tips + tricks and bonding benefits of routine baby massage.


A good night’s sleep starts with a good bedtime routine.


Spend less time dealing with knots and tangles and make more of your time together!


Our video tutorials were housed on the Johnson’s Baby YouTube channel, highlighted on social, and utilized throughout the newly redesigned, 200+ page, master website and Johnson’s e-store on Amazon. All global specific videos followed similar media buys and platform support in their respective markets.