JonOnexLacoste L!VE Collaboration film

  • Rebecca Gomes Ferenczi

This short film describes JONONE’s visceral need to create and his unwavering determination to paint for over 30 years, repeatedly writing his name, determined to leave a mark in the artistic landscape. Tenacity is an attribute shared by both René LACOSTE and JONONE. The tennis champion’s nickname 'Crocodile' was given to him for never giving up on the court. This year, as a blank canvas Lacoste offered the artist an opportunity to splatter his redundant yet abstract signature style on the iconic polo shirt, resulting in a 6 pieces capsule collection. The soundtrack of this 2 minutes video, has been composed by turntablists and loop masters trio Birdy Nam Nam. Directed by Alexis Deforges Music by Birdy Nam Nam Collection release date: 02 Nov. 2015