Julie Vergez on what makes a ‘Creative’ Producer

  • Andrew Odong
  • julie machin

What is the difference between a “Producer” and a “Creative Producer”? We caught up with Julie Vergez, an accomplished Creative Producer with 15 years of experience working with brands such as Hermès, Kenzo, Red Bull and Bianca Saunders. She has also collaborated with notable artists including Larry B, Akinola Davis, IGGY LDN and Ibrahim Kamara.

“Making sh** happens” is a good one. A producer has to be the enabler of creative ideas, their brain is like a giant map combining all the needs and solutions to make sure a vision is accomplished. It is the rock of a project, someone people can rely on but also, someone who manages and directs all the people involved." - Julie Vergez, Creative Producer

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Image by Ruth Ossai of Gidi gidi bu ugwu eze (Unity is strength) for Kenzo, Produced by Julie Vergez