Just So Festival 2017

A festival design project to design a ‘higgledy piggledy’ Post Office to provide the families of the Just So Festival audience contact with the new Just So Festivals opening in Brazil and New Zealand.
This project included liaising with the festival team and my design partner to communicate ideas and design proposals prior to the festival set up. During festival set up I was working as a team leader with other volunteers, organising timetables, making props, sourcing furniture and set dressing the space to realise the design.
The Post Office was designed to be a self contained narrative space, but also relate to the wider themes of the festival. Just So Festival includes a Tribal Tournament; all the families in the audience pick a tribe and try to collect points to help their tribe win. The tribes are based on the animals which feature in the Just So Stories. The design for the Post Office featured individual post boxes and franking stamps based on each tribe.
The Post Office was an immersive and interactive space with the ability to engage different audience demographics simultaneously. Acute attention to detail was required within the set in order to make it truly immersive. Handwritten letters relating to the wider themes of the festival were hidden around the space and each parcel was individually addressed to different literary inspired fictional addresses such as ‘Mr F Darcy, Pemberly, Derbyshire’ or ‘Wally, Wherever you can find him’. These hidden gems added an engaging sense of discovery within the space and provided entertainment for audience members of different ages.

Team Credits

Rachel Shore

  • Message
  • Spatial Designer

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  • Festival
  • Children's Entertainment
  • design
  • Immersive