Karl Kani - CAN I? x Milo Harley

  • Rachel Cooper

Karl Kani is a label built on legacy, rooted within Hip-Hop, and founded on the principles of self-belief, self-expression, and hard hustle from the streets of Brooklyn. The brand continues to draw inspiration from the sound and style of the streets, living by their founding ethos, CAN I? A question, philosophy, and self-fulfilling prophecy, which laid the foundation of the brand, and everlasting belief that anything is possible. CAN I? Translates Karl Kani’s brand values and ethos through the voice and lived experience of grassroots ambassadors from the world of Hip-Hop, showcasing the endless diversity and self-expression of individuals past and present who have worn the brand. Milo Harley is the Co-Founder of Dukes Cupboard born and raised in North London. Like many Milo left uni with no money and no idea of what he wanted to do, only the love he always had for 90’s streetwear and sportswear. Following his passion, Milo and his friend & business partner created Dukes Cupboard, building a business from a market stall to a physical shop, while overcoming addiction ‘There were a lot of questions I was asking myself at the time, you know, can I live and pay my rent solely off doing this? Am I going to be able to exist comfortably by doing this? Questions impossible to answer unless you just give it a go.’

Videographer: Joseph J Marshall
Photographer: Dom Fleming
Creative Director: Frazer Howie
Producer: Rachel Cooper