Karl Kani - CAN I? x RoxXxvn

  • Rachel Cooper

Karl Kani is a label built on legacy, rooted within Hip-Hop, and founded on the principles of self-belief, self-expression, and hard hustle from the streets of Brooklyn. The brand continues to draw inspiration from the sound and style of the streets, living by their founding ethos, CAN I? A question, philosophy, and self-fulfilling prophecy, which laid the foundation of the brand, and everlasting belief that anything is possible. CAN I? Translates Karl Kani’s brand values and ethos through the voice and lived experience of grassroots ambassadors from the world of Hip-Hop, showcasing the endless diversity and self-expression of individuals past and present who have worn the brand. RoxXxvn is a Birmingham-raised Irish-Caribbean Rapper, representing the LGBTQ+ community. Can I was a question RoxXxvn deliberated at the beginning of her music career. Can I create my own lane? Can I be visible? Can I connect with women? ‘Then I realised there are a lot of women like me and actually I Can’

Videographer: Joseph J Marshall
Photographer: Dom Fleming
Producer: Rachel Cooper