Kasabian’s longest serving roadie Rick Graham is the cover star of "For Crying Out Loud". Captured in a series of monochromatic portraits by Neil Bedford, the different characters for the album cover and each single are further fleshed out by the British artist Daft Apeth's illustrations, in particular the cascading digital tears prominent on the album artwork. Under the creative direction of Aitor Throup, these elements were put together in a collection of covers that share the same grid-based layout, with alternating bold typography (based on operating systems' default fonts) and pastel backgrounds. The stripped down design is inspired by both the use of graphics and type in the world of fine art and punk fanzines and post-modernist graphic design in their adherence to a no-rules approach, breaking free of any learnt or previously exercised restrictions, whilst respecting and celebrating the core principles of design.

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David Marques

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