Keash 5th Birthday

On Wednesday 10th July 2019 famed creative hair brand Keash celebrated 5 years of cultural appreciation at iconic East London venue, Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s Club, in association with innovative haircare brand, MATRIX. Set to the theme MORE IS MORE the party paid homage to camp culture and the drag queens who for decades have borne the most over the top hair looks known to Earth. With its signature light adorned heart filling the stage, dancing pole erect and original 70s decor ostentatiously decorated in hair and tinsel curtains, the venue conjured up feelings of The Moulin Rouge with an old East London flare. Hair stations sponsored by Matrix saw guests adorned in braids and blind, ensuring everyone could leave looking well and truly Keash. Guests including Katy B, Suki Waterhouse, Eliza, Joanna Kutcha, Lava La Rue, Cosmo Pyke, Betsy Johnson, and Bee Beardsworth were treated to custom Keash Kocktails courtesy of E&J brandy, wine by Barefoot and a night full of entertainment hosted by youtube sensation Miss Jason. As more is always more Keash showered guests with a strew of surprises including a pole dancing performacnce, braided rollerblader, best dressed competition (prize - VIP Lovebox tickets), and an impromptu on-stage Lipsync Battle. Event produced by myself and Keash founder, Taiba Akhuiete.

Model and Dancer Raihanna Thompson
Hair by Keash
VIP Area sponsored by E&J Brandy and Barefoot Wine
VIP Area sponsored by E&J Brandy and Barefoot Wine
DJ Ms.Carrie Stacks
DJ Sewyn Jupiter
Hair by Keash
Model Akuac Thiep
Model Lara McGrath
Singer / Songwriter Raheaven
Hair by Keash
NAYVA's Faith Harper
Hair by Keash
Dancer / Photographer Abdourahman Njie
Model and Dancer Raihanna Thompson
Hair by Keash
Hostess with the Mostess Ms. Jason
Faith Harper, Kyara Simone and Guest
Katy B and Guest
Kate Iorga
Grey Willbank, Hannah Hopkins and Guest
Phoebe Lettice Thompson
Aimée Gillingwater

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