Keep the Ocean Colorful

  • Halle Peters

For a collaborative project, there were categories that split up people into teams. The team I was in was security. For our focus, we chose the environment and how it either needs security or creates its own for humans. Looking at coral reefs and the phenomenon of coral bleaching. These natural ecosystems create security for the creatures in the water as well as the people upon the shores on which they reside. The protection coral reefs need is urgent so my group and I created an imaginary exhibit for people who want to learn on how to help. My portion of the project was to create the poster for the exhibit, create an educational zine for people to read as they tour the exhibit, and a small card showing the playlist of songs featured. This was a challenge because this was a group project given during the pandemic when no one from my group was in England but scattered around Europe. Not only were we scattered but were all from different design backgrounds. This challenge meant we had to organize when to meet, figuring out what needs to be done and what skill set would work best for what needed to be completed. I am happy with how this turned out because, with time management and organizing calls with my group, I made work I am proud of. In addition to the work, we highlighted an issue I care about deeply. Before studying graphic design, I studied oceanography and marine biology for two years and have always had a connection to the issues within the subject.