Kendrick Lamar for Reebok Classics

  • Nicholas Oram



To announce Reebok’s signing of global brand partner Kendrick Lamar, we created a short film communicating the shared goal of inspiring youth.


Reebok and Kendrick Lamar share a goal of inspiring and empowering youth, and Kendrick has an authentic history with the brand having worn Classic Leathers throughout high-school. It was imperative that we set the partnership apart from regular talent ambassadorships and showcased the credibility and authenticity behind the pairing.
We created a beautifully presented short-film, communicating the message of inspiration in a relevant and captivating way. Working with esteemed director Anthony Mandler, we created a powerful narrative, using Kendrick’s hometown of Compton as a backdrop and integrating music though his delivery of a meaningful verse.
On the day of launch, we executed a global interview schedule as Kendrick re-enforced messaging around the partnership.



Views on YouTube within its first week- more than any other Reebok brand film has received without commercial support


Media impressions around announcement story


Markets activated though an interview schedule which delivered in-depth coverage with leading lifestyle media