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  • Madeleine Morris

Melinda came to me when she was rebranding her interior design company. She needed copy and content for her new website. We discussed her design inspiration and ethos and from there I gave her options for tag lines, copy and other web content. She was very pleased with the result. Here is her testimonial: 'I think Mady and I were a match made in heaven. There aren't many people who can make sense of my thought process and I'm a very particular person, but it took Mady no time to suss me out. After a very brief phone chat, Mady understood what me and my business stand for, what I'm trying to achieve with the rebranding and where I would like to take my business. She took all the information I have given her and made me sound like me - which is exactly what you would want to achieve with your own website, to give readers a very good idea of what working with you could look like. Working with Mady was smooth and straightforward; she took so much of the stress and pressure of having a full rebrand off my shoulders and I cannot thank her enough for that. I look forward to working with her again!'