Killa Cowgirl

  • Zara Diana

All items of clothing used within this photoshoot are second hand, sourced by myself through thrift shopping and Depop to create garment circularity. I was creative director, stylist and edited the images. Digital images shot by Evelyn Koster & polaroids by Marnie Hubbard Whilst looking into Y2K nostalgia ‘Killa Cowgirl’ was created in collaboration between Zara Liddell and Marnie Hubbard. Focusing on influences from hip hop such as the iconic pink fur look worn by Killa Cam in 2001, to Lil Nas X’s hip-hop-country crossover song ‘Old Town Road’ which has influenced current western trends within modern fashion. For Halloween in 2019 Lil Nas X, had recreated Killa Cam’s look, however, we wanted to take it to the next level. By combining the two periods of time, this allowed us to create our own reality in which allowed anything and everything to be possible. From the diamanté covered flip-phone, to the retro anime playing on the TV in the background, it became a haven for Cowboys and Rappers to live alongside each other in sweet, sweet money heaven.  Featured on