Head of Crowd Simulation @ Prime Focus Film (now DNEG) -- For Kingsman, with only a six week turnaround, my team and I were to create an unconventional battle sequence with the brief of MAYHEM! With our previous project Hercules, which was another show which required fighting and a battle, it allowed myself and the team to hit the ground running with minimal R&D required. The main constraint was time. This meant that I opted to, as much as possible drive this show less with intelligent crowd agents, but vignettes. This vignetting approach required a great deal of long animations, and given the aim was to portray mayhem, it was decided to hire stunt performers for a motion capture shoot at The Imaginarium, which I directed. Intense fighting clips with and without weapons and wire work were captured, ingested and blended together by the motion editors so that the team could place agents, press play and let Massive do its thing.

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