Nile Hylton

Nile Hylton

CG SupervisorLondon, United Kingdom
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Nile Hylton

Nile Hylton

CG SupervisorLondon, United Kingdom
  • SHOWREEL 2020
    SHOWREEL 2020Over the years I've been privileged enough to work at some of the world's most creative VFX and animation studios, on a wide range of feature films and commercials. This montage covers some of my most recent work.
    DUNKIRKCrowd Supervisor at DNEG -- For Christopher Nolan's war epic Dunkirk, depicting the evacuation of allied soldiers in World War II, I supervised a team of talented crowd TD's in the creation of believable crowds, with complex animation, which were required to hold up at IMAX resolution. Given that the film was shot entirely on IMAX, this added a considerable level of complexity to all aspects of the CG work, due to the on-screen size of crowd agents. Ensuring agents and live action characters
  • VODAFONE - Gigacube
    VODAFONE - GigacubeCrowd Supervisor @ The Mill -- In this crowd heavy, action packed spot for Vodafone, some creative choreography was required, to create mountains of climbing crowd agents. Traditionally this is a task that would have been handled in-house using Massive. However, as our crowd toolset for Houdini at this time was very mature, development could be focused on honing the creative look and enabling a procedural approach to the shots, as there were multiple "crowd mountains" required. Using a combin
  • ESPN - College Football Playoff | National Championship
    ESPN - College Football Playoff | National ChampionshipCG Lead & Crowd Supervisor -- In the second of two spots directed by Peter Berg, rival fans from the two championship teams come face to face in this crowd focused spot. I was in charge of all the CG on the project, which primarily consisted of crowds and was present throughout the commercial. To ensure renders and a consistent look across all shots, I wrote a render management HDA to bring the project more in-line with a sequence based workflow. Any updates to agent looks, passes, crowd attr
    THE BOXTROLLSCrowd Lead @ LAIKA -- Given that this was a Laika stop-motion movie, the bar for the crowd work on The Boxtrolls was extremely high. As well as shot work in Massive, I created a crowd pipeline in Python, which allowed the crowds to be viewed efficiently, and rendered in Katana. To ensure that data could be viewed and manipulated in a post-sim stage with ease, I created a Python data structure which could read and write Massive's datatypes. This allowed a number of tools to be developed by m
  • HBO - Joust
    HBO - JoustCrowd Supervisor @ The Mill NY -- In this collaboration between HBO and Bud Light for the 2018 Superbowl, crowds were featured throughout in this jousting focused spot. Due to a quick turnaround on the project and a number of production factors, it was requested for crowds to be rendered from Maya in Arnold. With some rapid development in Python and working closely with the Lighting Supervisor, I was able to develop a toolset, which allowed Houdini crowds to be ingested into our in-house lig
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Work history
    CG Crowd SupervisorOne of us Ltd
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Houdini Pipeline DeveloperJellyfish Pictures
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
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