Kino and Vino: The Candidate (1972) The Political Spectacle

  • Isaac Macpherson

In this episode of my YouTube series Kino and Vino, I wanted to take a look back at one of Robert Redford's lesser-known classics: The Candidate. While America's political landscape is today far more fraught with controversy and madness than it's filmmakers could have possibly envisioned, the film still raises some fascinating questions about the dangers that populism and personality politics pose to American democracy. This project required extensive research into the history of political satire in TV and Cinema. To explore the linkage between The Candidate and America's 70's tidal wave of political cynicism, I used a combination of archive footage, stills, voiceover, and segments of the film itself. SOURCES: "The Candidate,"​, (via AFI Catalog), 2019 Megan Garber, "The Candidate Explores the Political Spectacle" (via TheAtlantic), 2016,​ "The Candidate," (via Variety), 2018,​ AO Scott, "The Candidate, Critics Pics" (via The New York Times), 2008,