Klanghaus by The Neutrinos & Sal Pittman

  • Rosie Arnold

Klanghaus: Small Animal Hospital Klanghaus: Alight Here Klanhgaus: On Air Klanghaus: Four Storeys ★★★★★ ‘a blast of aural and visual magic . . . a joy-inducing original’Donald Hutera, The Times ‘One show that truly delivers the shock of the new, the most innovative presentation of live music I’ve ever seen – a total game-changer’Alex Needham, The Guardian ★★★★ ‘A dark, clanking wonderland… KlangHaus isn’t a concert – it’s a little world’ Andrzej Lukowski Time Out ★★★★ ‘Breathes a lungful of fresh air into gig-going and theatre alike’ Maxie Szalwinska, Sunday Times ★★★★ ‘By turns lulls, terrorizes and invigorates the audience … an eerie but magnetic rock’n’roll mantra crashing drums, rumbling fuzz bass, lighting is either low or blinding’ Fiona Shepherd, The Scotsman ★★★★ ‘A joy inducing original’ Laura Barnett Daily Telegraph ‘an immersive, engaging live performance that we can’t recommend enough’ This Week in London