KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: BB (BlueBot)

  • Gus&Joe Creative Team

[Global Launch Film] Together with Code d’Azur in Amsterdam, we launched KLM BB (short for Blue Bot), the newest member of the KLM service family, to the world. Unlike her colleagues, BB is a revolutionary self-learning AI grows smarter with every interaction you have with her. She's professional, helpful and friendly, like the rest of KLM service agents - but she can also be a bit cheeky. In our launch film, we wanted to focus on the spirit and soul of BB, which is a concentration of long built DNA of KLM as the worlds oldest airline. And as BB is platform agnostic, we want people to get to know her right from the start. BB is currently found on Messenger and on Google Home. There, she can inspire you with travel destinations, help you book tickets, review upcoming trips, help pack your bags and more.