Gus&Joe Creative Team

Gus&Joe Creative Team

Creative Team / Creative DirectorsAmsterdam, Netherlands
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Gus&Joe Creative Team

Gus&Joe Creative Team

Creative Team / Creative DirectorsAmsterdam, Netherlands
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Oh hello, we're Gus&Joe Sometimes we’re a senior creative team. Sometimes we’re a creative director duo. Sometimes we launch pretty funky AI products long before your grandma was using ChatGPT to write you Christmas cards. Sometimes we write a few films that make us laugh. Sometimes our work makes the front page of Reddit and sometimes it’s shared by actors from Star Trek. Sometimes we make multiplayer VR experiences in China. Sometimes we create social content with famous DJs in the wild and sometimes we shoot films where F1 drivers turn into DJs. Sometimes we work with brands and agencies from our base in Amsterdam. And sometimes we work with brands and agencies in Melbourne, Paris, London, NYC, São Paulo & Tokyo. And we always bring a good time, a good vibe and at least a couple of banging ideas.
  • ŠKODA VISION E: Driven by Positive Energy
    ŠKODA VISION E: Driven by Positive Energy[Launch Film & VR Experience] Whether you're an electric car or a person – you both run on energy. Electrical impulses travel through our body to make us feel things, and create things. And makes us move forward. To launch the SKODA VISION E Concept car, we used this trail of thought to create a launch film and a VR experience in 6 cities around the world. But, how do you let people get to know a car that yet doesn't exist? At the Shanghai Motor Show in 2017, we presented the world’s first m
  • adidas TERREX: Your Blank Canvas
    adidas TERREX: Your Blank Canvas[Launch Film] The adidas TERREX ZERO DYE trail running and hiking shoes, are manufactured without any artificial dyes or bleach. This gives them a very low environmental footprint – respecting the nature athletes use them in. But, it also turns them into a true blank canvas for creators. Now, hikers, trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts can let the trail, dirt, mud and soil paint its story on the shoes when used. Our task was to launch the ZERO DYE range and to cement adidas TERREX as the cr
  • Bose: The Sound Of Formula 1
    Bose: The Sound Of Formula 1[Online Film and Social Content] For a sport so very noisy, the sounds of Formula 1 are very nuanced and diverse. Together with Bose, we investigated the role of sound for the world’s best drivers and their champion team. With the help of Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team, we captured their most significant F1 sounds and told their story. We found so many inspiring stories, like that the sound of a spray gun, coating the beast of a car, is a way to meditate. Or that the sound of the perfec
  • adidas TERREX: Here To Create through Ups & Downs
    adidas TERREX: Here To Create through Ups & Downs[Brand Campaign 2018] adidas TERREX makes the gear that enables outdoor creators to reach their full potential. And whether you're a trail-runner, fast-hiker, climber, mountain biker or ski tourer, you will face literal and emotional ups and downs. But luckily, pain sparks creativity just as good as pleasure. Our brand campaign shifted adidas TERREX to promote the hard times as well as the good times. And put the creators who get out, even if their environment doesn't allow them to, in the sp
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: BB (BlueBot)
    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: BB (BlueBot)[Global Launch Film] Together with Code d’Azur in Amsterdam, we launched KLM BB (short for Blue Bot), the newest member of the KLM service family, to the world. Unlike her colleagues, BB is a revolutionary self-learning AI grows smarter with every interaction you have with her. She's professional, helpful and friendly, like the rest of KLM service agents - but she can also be a bit cheeky. In our launch film, we wanted to focus on the spirit and soul of BB, which is a concentration of long bui
  • Deakin University: Stress Break
    Deakin University: Stress Break[Live Digital Stunt] Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia briefed us to reach 17-year-olds in Australia during the week of their final exams. For a lot of Australian teenagers, this is the most stressful time in their lives – as their test scores will determine which university programme they're accepted into and therefore the rest of their lives. So instead of promoting how good of a university Deakin is, we set out give potential future students a break from their exam stress. To show
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