ŠKODA VISION E: Driven by Positive Energy

  • Gus&Joe Creative Team
  • Baiba Matisone

[Launch Film & VR Experience] Whether you're an electric car or a person – you both run on energy. Electrical impulses travel through our body to make us feel things, and create things. And makes us move forward. To launch the SKODA VISION E Concept car, we used this trail of thought to create a launch film and a VR experience in 6 cities around the world. But, how do you let people get to know a car that yet doesn't exist? At the Shanghai Motor Show in 2017, we presented the world’s first multiplayer VR experience for automotives. With a combination of HTC Vives and Leap Motions, we let car fans to touch, play with and drive the car together, before it existed. All they had to do was to queue through WeChat for their spot. For those who couldn’t make it to Shanghai, we hosted Google Daydream VR events in Berlin, Oslo, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Bratislava & Prague. And for the rest, a smartphone version downloadable for everyone.