KMD Theatre Rebranding and Repertoire Visual Identity

  • Vura Applied Design

In 2019 KMD Theatre got a new general manager, and one of his first moves was a rebranding project. He wanted to completely shift the direction of this theatre house and bring back the audience that was absent for such a long time. And that's where Maji came to this story. Since general manager described his goals and plans in quite a different manner from what the situation he inherited, a creative direction was that this rebranding project was going to be completely custom. It all started with lettering for the new logo, which led to the design of a custom display typeface Vidra. From this position, Maji developed the rest of the materials like website, books, posters, tickets, stationery and other marketing communications. Upon setting the design system, this beautiful collaboration has continued through the design of each play ever since.