KOINE | Branding

  • Nicola Bortoli
  • Mehrdad Atariani

Art Direction + Graphic Design Koinè is the name chosen for an exhibition which took place in July within the Renaissance walls of the Basilica Palladiana of Vicenza, in partnership with the Politecnico di Milano University. Koinè is an ancient greek word to identify a common language that has arisen as a result of contact between two or more mutually intelligible varieties of the same language. In this regard, the exhibition is a journey through beauty, the immanent value capable of transcending different places and times, an eternal gift of divine nature, that changes only the form in which it manifests itself, linking together masterpieces and different forms of art. Harmony, the same that unites Cadmo and Armonia, the two lovers of the Greek mythology, first union of mortals witnessed by the gods of Olympus and sealed by the gift of a necklace by Zeus. The necklace, symbol of this union, becomes the logo representing the visual identity of the project, reproduced on invitation letters, posters and press release.