Kopparberg Ün-Establishment Campaign 2012

  • Amy Alford
  • Daniel Bartha
  • Harry Benson
The idea of Ün-Establishment is showcase un-established, creative and talented individuals who “jump the mainstream to find the extraordinary. Bringing together collectives, musicians and artists who don’t fall into the rut of populism and celebrating creativity in all shapes and forms.
Hosting a range of events, collaborating with up-coming names in the creative industries from music (DJ Eats Everything) to art (Margot Bowman) to science (Super/Collider) to gardening (the Pothole gardener).
My duties:
  • Assisted with the organisation of the new Kopparberg communication campaign ‘The Un-establishment’.
  • Client liaison, plus close interaction with affiliated partnerships.
  • Management and content creation for Tumblr, Kopparberg UK, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Market research and analysis of the digital audience and assistance in the formulation of digital marketing strategies.