L'OREAL PARIS x The Prince's Trust: Say it with me, "I'M WORTH IT".

L’Oréal Paris has always believed everyone is worth it. But no matter who you are, or where you’re from, you can suffer from self-doubt. That’s why L’Oréal Paris has partnered with The Prince’s Trust since 2017 to help thousands of young people transform their self-doubt into self-worth through the ‘All Worth It’ training program. To promote the campaign, we’ve always had well-known ambassadors share their transformational stories of self-doubt to self-worth. Building on the impact of the past 2 years, we reinvented the campaign in 2019 around the idea of MY SELF-WORTH to give every person a way to work on their self-worth since it’s L’Oréal’s ambition to help more people than ever realize their self-worth. “Because I’m worth it.” is arguably the world’s most iconic affirmation. We know that the words we say to ourselves have the power to change how we feel about ourselves. At the start of 2019, we harnessed positive affirmations to encourage everyone to feel empowered by their own words. Whoever they are and whatever their circumstances. Because the most empowering affirmation, we can all say to ourselves is, “I’m worth it”.