La Beauté Est Dans La Rue

  • Hedzlynn Kamaruzzaman

May 1968 is a very significant event as it has impacted many artists, movements and discussions in this century. The state of modern consumer culture and the industrialized society triggered many groups of people and hence, a revolution started. Students of Nanterre University were not satisfied with this and, inspired by texts written by the Situationist International, they used screen-printing methods for their posters as a means to go against capitalism and also used the streets to voice their opinions. La Beauté Est Dans La Rue is an exhibition to commemorate the visual culture from the events of May ‘68 in Paris, France. The rebellious energy from the riots is explored and captured in the identity of this exhibition. The visual elements on the posters, banners and tickets contain images from the riots paired with a handwritten font, Streets Regular, incorporating a modern touch to it.​​​​​​​