Hedzlynn Kamaruzzaman

Hedzlynn Kamaruzzaman

Graphic DesignerTrumpington, Cambridge, UK
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Hedzlynn Kamaruzzaman

Hedzlynn Kamaruzzaman

Graphic DesignerTrumpington, Cambridge, UK
About me
Hey there, it’s Hedz! I was born and raised in Malaysia and am currently located in the UK. I am a graphic designer who has a passion for editorial design. I enjoy working with type and incorporating analogue techniques in my works. I believe that I have the platform and power to change how people think and react to things.
  • Questions and Questions
    Questions and QuestionsA visual response to my dissertation, which explored the influences of the Situationist International (SI) in the graphic language of resistance by looking at the punk subculture, May '68, various techniques like détournement and recuperation, as well as design activism in the 21st century. The construction of situations from the spectacular society demonstrates resistance from the domination of modern consumer culture and images in one’s life. Art, in many forms, was used as part of the SI's c
  • Apprise Newspaper
    Apprise NewspaperThe information posted on social media will only reach a certain audience and, therefore, is not accessible to some. News consumption on social media can also be problematic to the users because of other factors such as online algorithms, fake news and clickbait. Furthermore, these social and global issues are sometimes not aired on the news as they might be taboo. Apprise is an independent newspaper that focuses and raises awareness of taboo issues from an unbiased perspective. It aims to recl
  • ISTD 2021 Invisible Cities | Merit Award
    ISTD 2021 Invisible Cities | Merit AwardIn attempting a radical retelling of Invisible Cities, the theme of ‘multiple perspectives’ was chosen, as something that Calvino explores within each city and throughout the book as a whole, but that also reflects the various interpretations of the book, written by others, that were discovered through research. This publication aims to communicate the idea of different perspectives, through format, typography and layout. It is targeted at individuals who are interested in literature, open to ne
  • Blind Spots
    Blind SpotsThe design discourse is dominated by Europeans and North Americans, and often considering the ‘othered’ box a craft. Blind Spots is a publication, aimed at students and practicing graphic designers of ages 18-25. It highlights underrepresented creatives, particularly BIPOCs, in the graphic design industry.​​​​​​​ The title, derived from the book Protest: The Aesthetics of Resistance, means something that is there but is often overlooked or ignored. This idea and concept is explored and visualiz
  • La Beauté Est Dans La Rue
    La Beauté Est Dans La RueMay 1968 is a very significant event as it has impacted many artists, movements and discussions in this century. The state of modern consumer culture and the industrialized society triggered many groups of people and hence, a revolution started. Students of Nanterre University were not satisfied with this and, inspired by texts written by the Situationist International, they used screen-printing methods for their posters as a means to go against capitalism and also used the streets to voice thei
  • Message Journal
    Message JournalMessage is a website designed for both desktop and phone for the peer-reviewed journal. It allows viewers to access content from previous and current issues and also purchase them. The website aims to encourage more people to read and increase the exposure of the journal. Inspired by Adolf Loos’ Ornament and Crime, the type-based website utilizes handwritten type to directly highlight the power of words as the journal has many articles written by people from around the world.​​​​​​​
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Projects credited in
  • UPSU Environment & Sustainability Brand Identity
    UPSU Environment & Sustainability Brand IdentityWorking with fellow designer Hedzlynn Kamaruzzaman, we oversaw and managed the creation of an identity for the UPSU Vice-President of Sustainability. This included brand guidelines, designed manifesto, social media posts and logos. The results promoted an awareness of the position at the Students Union as well as how students can live a more sustainable life.
Work history
    Junior DesignerBright Publishing Ltd
    Sawston, Cambridge CB22, UKFull Time
    Graphic Design InternMY Voice Canada
     - Toronto, CanadaInternship
    Co-curating the creative direction of the website and magazine with a fellow team member through designing the launch page and building the typographical foundation.
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  • Photography
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Typography
  • Letterpress
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Microsoft Office
  • Creative Direction
  • Adobe XD
    University of Plymouth logo
    University of Plymouth logo
    BA(Hons) Graphic Communication with Typography Editorial and PublishingUniversity of Plymouth
     - Plymouth, United Kingdom
    Foundation in ArtsTaylors University Lakeside Campus
     - Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
    International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) logo
    International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) logo
    ISTD Membership with MeritInternational Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD)
    Responded to Brief 3 of the ISTD Student Assessment, "Invisible Cities". The submission was awarded a Merit for and a membership to the society.
    University of Plymouth logo
    University of Plymouth logo
    Graphic Communication with Typography Typography AwardUniversity of Plymouth
    Appointed by the University of Plymouth to a student that demonstrates excellence in typography and typographic design.