Ladyfingers, short film by Lucia Martinez

  • April Edgar

In my role as PR coordinator at Hooton we launched short film, Ladyfingers on behalf of our client Cream Paris.

Text we created about the film:
Young female director Lucia Martinez, has just completed her second film. Called Ladyfingers, it’s a humorous, fun and sexy exploration of women.
She’s an exciting up and coming director and we wanted to make sure she was on your radar. Lucia has previously worked with beauty and fashion houses such as Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, Estée Lauder, YSL, Sephora and Ralph Lauren Perfumes, as well as leading advertising agencies.
Featuring Argentinian actress and influencer Calu Rivero, the film aims to portray the duality of a woman who has a fetish for an object, showing how a sexual fixation for an inert item can stimulate the human imagination to create fantasies.
Lucia’s objective is to show this side of a woman’s mind in a scenario where sexual pleasure meets aesthetic pleasure; where light, sounds, colours, textures, breath, sweat and skin are all part of the same visual orchestra.
I secured coverage on media platforms such as shots and Nakid Magazine, pictured below:
Ladyfingers film stills:
Watch short film, Ladyfingers below:
Ladyfingers credits:
Director Lucia Martinez
PRODUCTION CREAM Director Lucia Martinez Director of Photography
Ryan Marie Helfant
Producer Camila Méndez
Line producer Michael Quinn
Steadicam Brenton Ayers
1st AC Rob Agulo
2nd AC Emmett Kaake
Gaffer Garland Berenzy
Key Grip Dan Fethke
Set Designer Lula Galeano
Set Designer Assistant Sarah Urban
TALENT Calu Rivero
Make Up Artist Anne Kohlhagen
Stylist Sandy Armeni
Stylist assistant Emily Desisto
Hair Stylist Tetsuya Yamakata
Art Direction Assistant Tiana Attride & Alexandra Hehlen
Studio Groomer Rebecca Alexander
Editors Jean-Philippe Mure & Margarida Lucas
Colorist Sylvain Canaux
Original music Jonathan Leurquin & Thomas Rossi
SHOT IN Silver Sands Motel & Springs Studios