• Cristina Conde

A 30 min. documentary about identity. (Artwork by Cait Mack) 'Land of Stories' is a documentary exploring cultural integration through three intertwining immigrant stories. It looks at how we remember our family history and attempts to understand the relevance of religion and heritage in our life choices. Esther Bruml (1929-2008) was a second generation Jewish Polish immigrant, whose parents fled Russian persecution to the East End of London in 1904. Esther was cared for in the final two months of her life by Cindy De Mesa, a Catholic Filipino, who moved to London in 2008. Her three young children later joined her. Mohammed Alam came to London in 2012 fleeing the conflict in Afghanistan. He is currently studying history and politics at Oxford University and is friends with the grandson of Esther, Zach Brubert (Director). This project brings together three generations of immigrants from different backgrounds and celebrates the similarities and differences between a shared story.

Director, Writer, Producer - Zach Brubert
Jay Richardson - Editor, Music
Luke Naylor-Perrott - DP, Assistan Director, Writer
Assistant Producers - Astrid Ingemann Breitenstein, Cristina Conde, Kavya Deshpande