Cristina Conde

Director, Producer, WriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Cristina Conde

Director, Producer, WriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Production Assistant working in film and television. Freelance writer and filmmaker.
  • RITUAL DEVICE | ZINERitual Device is a publication dedicated to addressing contemporary issues through the lens of trans-disciplinary creatives. It aims to create a space for a meaningful and lasting dialogue and conversation and become a tool for political and social engagement. All proceeds will go towards two non-profit organisations that have been chosen specifically for each issue. Issue #1 explores everything anti-system. It calls into question to challenge and counteract the suppression, prejudice and discr
  • LAND OF STORIESA 30 min. documentary about identity. (Artwork by Cait Mack) 'Land of Stories' is a documentary exploring cultural integration through three intertwining immigrant stories. It looks at how we remember our family history and attempts to understand the relevance of religion and heritage in our life choices. Esther Bruml (1929-2008) was a second generation Jewish Polish immigrant, whose parents fled Russian persecution to the East End of London in 1904. Esther was cared for in the final two mont
  • WRITER | PROMO NEWSWriter at Promo News, discussing the latest music videos from top artists including Joji, Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga, RMR, and more.
  • CHECKING IN WITH YOURSELF | AN ARTICLE FOR CREATE JOBSA blog post titled 'Checking in with yourself' for the Create Jobs blog. An organisation that promotes diversity in the creative workforce.
  • NEW ARGENTINE CINEMA | AN ARTICLE FOR ART TOUCHES ARTA look at the way New Argentine Cinema revived a dying film industry.
  • LONDON CALLING | LONDON SUBS QUARTERLY ZINELondon Subs Quarterly Zine October 2019 Edition Issue 3 Contributors: Cristina Conde (front cover) Ignasi (subleader, special section, under-review, design) Jasmine Kahlia (subversions) UK Subs (back cover) Designed cover page for the zine honouring the 40th Anniversary of The Clash's London Calling.
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  • Introducing: Genre TheoryBreaking down the origins of genre film, and analysing the codes and conventions of popular genres and subgenres. NEW VIDEO SERIES coming soon! Film genres typically promise familiarity, comfort, a guarantee to meet the audience’s expectations. A comedy implies jokes and romance hints at a loving relationship. Yet, some of the greatest films are those that are able to acknowledge conventional forms that adhere to these classifications, then deconstruct and rebuild them under a new guise.
  • So The Theory GoesFor film lovers, learners and educators. We examine iconic films and modern classics, cinema past and present, and explain the theoretical stuff in a way that just makes sense. We're expanding into video essays and need contributors! Get in touch if interested in collaborating.
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    BA History and SpanishUniversity of Oxford
     - Oxford, United Kingdom