Launching a brand-new licence for music, TheMusicLicence

  • Laura Hodgson
  • Francesca Abbott

Everyone knows that to drive, you need a licence. And if you have a television, you need a licence for that, too. But music licensing isn’t as widely understood. Our challenge was to design a brand for a new UK music licence, from PPL PRS, that would become as ubiquitous as the TV licence. Solution: Turn it up! We wanted to celebrate all the ways that music can improve business - just by adding music, you can take all manner of things up a notch - productivity, atmosphere, morale, creativity. This transformative power of music informed our proposition for TheMusicLicence: turn it up! We created a brand that was playful and engaging, but with the gravitas to deliver authenticity and confidence. TheMusicLicence launched in early 2018, revolutionising music licensing for UK businesses. You can get yours over at and see how TheMusicLicence has empowered all kinds of establishments. Having built the website and taken it to launch, we're excited to continue creating engaging comms for this brilliant new product.