Laureus: Creating an inspirational brand for the Oscars of world sport

  • Mahsa Kh

Laureus is a global sports-based organisation that uses the inspirational power of sport as a force for good. Flexing between adding glamour to the ‘best red-carpet event in sport’ and supporting over 180 sports-based community programmes for young people, had taken its toll on their brand. With their 20th anniversary rapidly approaching Laureus asked us to help refresh and renew their brand ecosystem. Insight With three strong but disparate wings to the brand (Sport for Good, World Sport Awards and Academy and ambassadors), communications had become ad-hoc and awareness of the brand wasn’t matching the global impact of the organisation. We needed to find the universal brand language to match the universal power of sport. A brand language that would unite their elements while allow them to express themselves with a freer, more emotional and engaging voice. Ideas To find this new language we tapped into the heart of the Laureus brand – evolving the master identity, creating a more iconic representation of the statuette and a bolder, more impactful logotype. Additionally, we extracted the halo device from the statuette and transformed it into a unifying element across all their brands; a spotlight, highlighting inspirational sporting achievements over the last 12 months, a playful sweep of energy embracing young people and supporting them to create social change and a shining star guiding the next generation to a brighter future. Impact Finally, we created the ‘Sport Unites Us’ brand campaign, highlighting magical moments in sport to raise awareness of the brand, celebrate their anniversary and drive engagement with their activities.